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4 credit hours

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* A roster fee of $0.65 per credit is required to file Insurance Continuing Education credit in California. That fee is collected as part of your purchase and is then used to pay for the filling of your credits.

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July 12, 2025 (365 Days)


This course was developed to provide four hours of annuity training, which must be completed every two years by California resident and nonresident life agents who sell annuity products. The subject matter covered in this course is consistent with one of four topical outlines developed by the California Department of Insurance for purposes of this training. For resident agents, this four-hour training requirement is part of, not in addition to, their continuing education requirements.

At the conclusion of this four-hour course, the student should:

  • Understand the producer’s legal and ethical obligations toward the consumer (and to the insurer and to regulatory authorities) with regard to the suitability of annuity product recommendations;
  • Be able to define “suitability”;
  • Be able to define the types of information that must be obtained from the consumer in order to make suitable annuity product purchase recommendations;
  • Be able to identify the product features and circumstances where an annuity product would be suitable and where it would be unsuitable for a consumer;
  • Identify the regulatory requirements that have been enacted to protect the senior consumer during the purchase and exchange of annuity products;
  • Identify how violations of suitability standards may be identified; and
  • Know and understand the penalties provided for violations of applicable laws.


Note: This course is specific to California and will not meet other state training requirements for annuity suitability or annuity best interest.

Exam Details

Need Proctor?No
Question Count:25
Passing Grade:70%
Attempts to Pass:Unlimited

Course Details

Course Number:298610
Approved Title:Paul J. Winn - CA 4-Hour Annuity Training: Fixed, Variable and Index Annuity Contract Provisions
Approved Credits
4 credits in CE - Annuity 4 Hour Training
Provider Number:38124
Topics Covered:Annuities

Rules for California Insurance Continuing Education

  • Course material may not be downloaded.
  • Exam is closed book.
  • The state of California requires providers to restrict access to the final exam until a student has completed the course material in its entirety.
  • California's CE vendor, Vertafore, charges an additional fee of 65 cents per credit hour for us to electronically upload course completions directly to your CE transcript.