8 Hour Initial Mandatory LTC Training

Insurance Continuing Education in Idaho

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+ $8.00 state filing fee

8 credit hours

8 credits in Long Term Care

Topics Covered: Long Term Care

Other credit types available: CFP, PCE, Long Term Care Certification

If purchased today, this course must be completed by: September 17, 2020


This course was developed to meet the long-term care ongoing training requirements in this state and provide students with 8 hours of continuing education.
Course Overview: During this course, participants will learn about the state and federal regulations and requirements and the relationship between qualified state long-term care insurance Partnership programs and other public and private coverage of long-term care services, including Medicaid. They will learn about the available long-term care services and providers, as well as changes or improvements in long-term care services or providers. Also taught will be the alternatives to the purchase of long-term care insurance as well as the effect of inflation on benefits and the importance of inflation protection. The participants will also learn about consumer suitability standards and guidelines.
Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of the course, the participant will know:
  • The specifics and significance of the Deficit Reduction and the NAIC Model Acts
  • The characteristics of long-term care
  • The various types of long-term care services and the providers of those services
  • Short term care provided by Medicaid coverage
  • The services provided by Medicaid
  • Medicaid eligibility guidelines for long-term care coverage
  • The meaning and significance of transfer of assets
  • Long-term care insurance regulations and legislation
  • Suitability guidelines for long-term care insurance
  • LTC Insurance Underwriting
  • The impact of the partnership program expansion
  • Features and benefits of long-term care insurance policies
  • Long-term care insurance premiums
  • LTC Federal and State Tax Incentives
  • Alternative funding options for long-term care
PLEASE NOTE: Credit will NOT be given for a course (including those approved to meet the ethics requirement) that is repeated within a 2 year period. Ordering courses with the same course number is considered course repetition.

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Course Number: 3182271
Provider: LTC Connection
Provider Number: 159274

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Rules for Idaho Insurance Continuing Education (CE)

  • Course material may not be downloaded.
  • Exam is closed book.
  • Each unit and/or chapter of a course must contain review questions that must be answered with a score of 70% or better before access to the following unit/chapter is allowed.
  • The state of Idaho charges an additional fee of $1.00 per credit hour.