HIPAA Principles and Provisions

Insurance Continuing Education in Massachusetts

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3 credit hours

3 credits in General (G)

Topics Covered: Life and Health, Law and Legislation, Health

Other credit types available: NonCE

If purchased today, this course must be completed by: September 17, 2020

Massachusetts insurance continuing education requires an impartial third-party proctor be present during your final exam. The proctor cannot be a friend, relative or co-worker of the licensee, nor anyone with a financial interest in the exam result.


This course focuses on the HIPAA legislation. Upon completing this course an agent should understand the history of the HIPAA Legislation; have a brief understanding of Health Insurance Reform; understand HIPAA’s impact on Individual Health Insurance Plans and Medical Savings Accounts; and fully comprehend the Administrative implications including Administrative Simplification Provisions, Security Regulations, National Identifier Requirements, and Privacy Provisions.

Course Details

Course Number: C08710
State-Approved Name: HIPAA Principles and Provisions
Provider: InsuranceStudy.com
Provider Number: S13051

Rules for Massachusetts Insurance Continuing Education (CE)

  • This state allows for course material to be downloaded. Please note that not all courses will have content that is suitable or available for downloading.
  • Exam is closed book.
  • Examinations must be proctored by an approved disinterested third-party. The proctoring process must ensure that the examination will be completed by the student and done so on a closed-book basis without assistance.The proctor must be physically present as the student takes the exam.
  • The state of Massachusetts charges an additional fee of 50 cents per credit hour.