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12 credit hours

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The Arizona Department of Insurance has waived their normal proctor requirement, until further notice. A proctor is no longer required to be present during your exam. You will instead need to electronically sign an Affidavit of Personal Responsibility, and that affidavit will be completed online as part of your final exam.

This course explores the philosophical background of the concept of “ethics” and applies it to present-day issues like needs analysis, the use of projections/illustrations and replacement policy issues. The text will show how ethical behavior affects relationships with consumers and insurance companies. Throughout the course material, readers will learn to recognize themselves as a “professional” and will learn how professionalism requires ethical behaviors. Ethical practices are examined specifically in the practices of maintaining client’s confidentiality, making sales presentations, and the selling of products and services. At the culmination of the program, the reader is presented with a series of 8 case studies that will exemplify the principles learned throughout the coursework and give the agent an opportunity to examine ethical behaviors of others so they may better apply what is learned to their own actions.


  • Understand the basic concept of ethics.
  • Develop a personal code of ethics that guides core values and responsibility.
  • Examine the responsibilities of an agent to his or her consumers.
  • Help guide agent’s behavior by developing ethical behaviors within the agency.
  • Look at the various relationships affected by an agent’s behaviors.
  • Know the reasons for government oversight to ethical behaviors.
  • Understand the concept of fiduciary duty.
  • Be able to define professionalism.
  • Learn how to maintain and protect client confidentiality.
  • Determine ethical behaviors relating to presentations and illustrations, produce replacement, and sales.
  • Be able to identify behaviors that are considered ethical and unethical.


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Need Proctor?No
Question Count:50
Passing Grade:70%
Attempts to Pass:Unlimited

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Course Number:103027
Approved Title:Ethics: A Guidebook for Insurance Agents
Approved Credits
12 credits in Ethics
Provider Number:13051
Topics Covered:Ethics
Program Level:Advanced

Rules for Arizona Insurance Continuing Education

  • This state allows for course material to be downloaded. Please note that not all courses will have content that is suitable or available for downloading.
  • Exam is open book.
  • The state of Arizona charges an additional fee of $1.00 per credit hour.