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Tax Sheltered Annuity Plans discusses the personal retirement savings plan available to employees of certain non-profit organizations and public schools under §403(b) of the Internal Revenue Code. The course begins with an examination of both employer and participant eligibility. The general limits on contributions are examined, and the special catch-up contributions are considered. The nature of the salary reduction agreement is discussed.

The rules governing premature and required distributions are discussed, and the limits applicable to participant loans from tax sheltered annuities are considered. The maximum loan repayment schedules are addressed, and the consequences of loan default are explained.

Estate and gift tax rules are discussed. The income tax treatment of plan contributions and distributions is examined, including:

  • Premature distributions and exceptions to the 10% tax penalty
  • Mandatory 20% withholding on certain lump-sum distributions

Permitted tax sheltered annuity investments are discussed. The term “annuity,” when used in a 403(b) plan includes incidental life insurance, a fixed annuity or a variable annuity. Custodial accounts may be used to fund tax sheltered annuity accounts. Through custodial accounts, a participant may purchase redeemable shares in an open-end mutual fund.

Finally, the course discusses the various plan requirements. Among the issues examined are the:

  • Participation, coverage and non-discrimination requirements
  • Non-forfeitability requirements
  • Distribution requirements

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to understand:

  1. The tax sheltered annuity plan rules with respect to:
    • eligibility of participants,
    • eligibility of employers,
    • contribution levels and
    • tax treatment of contributions.
  2. The rules governing catch-up provisions and the increase permitted to the limit on elective deferrals.
  3. The benefits of tax-deferred accumulation.
  4. The nature of and limitations as to permissible tax sheltered annuity funding vehicles.
  5. The rules governing tax sheltered annuity distributions, loans and rollovers and their tax treatment.
  6. The general tax sheltered annuity plan requirements.

Exam Details

Need Proctor?No
Question Count:50
Passing Grade:70%
Attempts to Pass:Unlimited
Note: If you choose to request additional credit types while taking this course, the number of exam questions and proctor rules may change to meet those credits' requirements.

Course Details

Course Number:NYCS-267285
Approved Title:Tax Sheltered Annuities - Internet(7285)
Approved Credits
6 credits in Life Brokers
6 credits in Life/Accident and Health Agents
6 credits in Life Consultants
6 credits in Life Settlement Brokers
Provider Number:NYPO-100425
Topics Covered:Annuities, General Principles of Financial Planning
Program Level:Intermediate

Rules for New York Insurance Continuing Education

  • Courses approved for Internet may not be downloaded.
  • Exam is closed book.
  • Effective January 1, 2008, a licensee will no longer receive credit for any course previously completed for continuing education credit. Licensees must maintain records of completed continuing education courses and will be held responsible if a course is repeated.
  • Upon successful completion of this course you will be issued a Certificate of Course Completion. This document is necessary for your license renewal. Retain this document.

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