Annuities (Meets NAIC 2010 Suitability Guidelines)

Insurance Continuing Education in Massachusetts

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4 credit hours

4 credits in Annuity

Topics Covered: Life and Health, Annuities, Financial Planning, Life

Other credit types available: CFP, PCE, NonCE

If purchased today, this course must be completed by: September 17, 2020

Massachusetts insurance continuing education requires an impartial third-party proctor be present during your final exam. The proctor cannot be a friend, relative or co-worker of the licensee, nor anyone with a financial interest in the exam result.


NAIC Annuities was developed to meet the training requirements established in the NAIC Suitability in Annuity Transactions Model Regulation.

Upon completion of this course an agent should have:

  • adequate knowledge of the types of annuities and various classifications of annuities
  • be able to identify the parties to an annuity
  • understand how fixed, variable and indexed annuity contract provisions affect consumers
  • understand the application of income taxation of qualified and non-qualified annuities
  • understand the primary uses of annuities
  • be conscious of the appropriate sales practices, replacement and disclosure requirements when dealing with annuities

PLEASE NOTE: This course does not meet the state of California annuities renewal requirement.

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Course Number: C08473
State-Approved Name: Annuities (Meets NAIC 2010 Suitability Guidelines)
Provider Number: S13051

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Rules for Massachusetts Insurance Continuing Education (CE)

  • This state allows for course material to be downloaded. Please note that not all courses will have content that is suitable or available for downloading.
  • Exam is closed book.
  • Examinations must be proctored by an approved disinterested third-party. The proctoring process must ensure that the examination will be completed by the student and done so on a closed-book basis without assistance.The proctor must be physically present as the student takes the exam.
  • The state of Massachusetts charges an additional fee of 50 cents per credit hour.