4 Hour Refresher Mandatory LTC Training (Version B)

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Insurance Continuing Education ( )

If you would like your course credit posted to your insurance license transcript then you must select to add this credit type. Insurance Continuing Education (ICE) is a requirement for licensed insurance professionals in the United States. The number of required hours and the period for their completion is determined by the licensing state.

Only states which have a currently registered and approved course status will be available when adding this credit. If your state is not listed then credit for this course is not currently available in your state and you must decline the CE to proceed.

Arizona - 4 credits
Long Term Care Partnership
The Arizona Department of Insurance has waived their normal proctor requirement, until further notice. A proctor is no longer required to be present during your exam. You will instead need to electronically sign an Affidavit of Personal Responsibility, and that affidavit will be completed online as part of your final exam.
For credit, course must be completed by: 10/03/2024
CE for CFP® Professionals ( )

Only CFP® professionals can earn these credits. You must be previously certified by the CFP Board to qualify for these credits. If you are not a CFP® professional then you should "Decline" this credit type when taking a course that gives you the option to add these continuing education credits.

The CFP® certification is a professional certification mark for financial planners conferred by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. (CFP Board). The CFP® certification must be periodically renewed by meeting CFP Board's ongoing competency requirements of continuing education and by adhering to CFP Board's Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility. Courses available for credit towards the CFP® certification have been approved to meet the continuing education requirements of the CFP Board.

NOTE: In order to cover the escalating costs of the course registration with the CFP Board, additional charges often apply when adding this credit type.

3.5 credits
CFP® CE Credit
The final exam will not be available until the CFP® professional has completed the required coursework.
For credit, course must be completed by: 12/31/2023
Price Includes
CFP® Course: $14.95
Roster Fee: $4.38
Professional Continuing Education ( )

This continuing education credit is applicable towards a designation of The American College.

Since 1927, well over 158,000 financial services professionals have studied or earned designations with The American College. Because the regulations and market dynamics impacting our industry are constantly changing, The American College wants to ensure that the credentials you worked so hard to earn remain current, relevant and serve as an emblem of excellence and expertise with both your peers and your clients.

Designations Subject to Recertification: CLU®, RICP®, ChFC®, CLF®, CASL®, ChSNC®, CAP®, FSCP®, and CASL®. Participation in the Professional Recertification Program is generally not required for legacy marks no longer offered to new students by The College, and for those conferred by other institutions, including REBC®, RHU®, ChHC®, and LUTCF.

Do you hold a designation from The American College? On January 1, 2017, PACE recertification requirements will officially transition to the expanded Professional Recertification Continuing Education program.


4 credits
For credit, course must be completed by: 10/03/2024
Long-Term Care Certification ( )

The NAIC Producer Training Model Act of 2006 and the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 require that states implement training requirements that must be met prior to selling long-term care insurance.

Producers are to complete a one-time, eight-hour training course before selling long-term care insurance products and an ongoing, four-hour training requirement every two years thereafter. The training must cover long-term care insurance, as well as information about Partnership programs and their relationship to the Medicaid program.

This training type is for agents who are taking an LTC certification course to meet LTC training requirements. If you are taking your LTC certification course in your resident state and also want insurance CE towards your license, add the insurance continuing education credit as well. Note that insurance continuing education credit cannot be filed in most non-resident states.

Choosing only this credit type is ideal for non-resident agents, grandfathered agents, or individuals who have already satisfied their insurance CE requirement and wish to skip any stricter training requirements that may be required to qualify for license credit.

For credit, course must be completed by: 10/03/2024